Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mexico Part 4 - Coming Home

Going down to Mexico (or any missions trip) is always great because I get away from the normal things that usually distract me. I don't have my phone, laptop, ipod, anything. All we have is each other, the activities we do, clothes, and our Bibles. It's great.

Being in Mexico can be surprising because the people live on so little. Dan told us that the average person makes $8.50 per day at work. They live off of this money for themselves and their families. That is one hour of work here in the U.S. Crazy! I can't get over it.

It just reminds me that all those things that I think are necessary in my daily life are not necessary at all. They mostly just distract me from listening to God's voice. I think that the people in Mexico have it right. We are always running around being busy and stressed. They live on so much less but their lives are so full. They work just as hard, if not harder than we do. And they are able to find fulfillment in God's love rather than "stuff." Makes me want to live more simply.

I hope the "Mexico buzz" doesn't wear off too fast :)

God, help me to remember all you taught me this week!

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Charlotte said...

Tamara! I'm so slow... I just read your Mexico posts and I LOVED them. I'd seen pictures on fb, so knew it was a great trip, and now I know more about why!! Thanks for your good words!