Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mexico Part 2 - Stuck Truck

One day on the way to VBS, Bradlee, Alex, Stevie, Shanen, and I were riding in the back of Andy's truck. He was driving crazy fast over all the bumps, making us fly in the air. At one point, Bradlee and I flew up, landing hard (and leaving bruises) - but we were having fun!

At one point, we went off the road and into the almost dried-up riverbed. We hit water and all screamed because we got wet. But then...

we got stuck.

The riverbed was like quicksand! The back of the truck was totally stuck in mud and water.

After jumping out of the truck bed, and Shanen falling in the mud (haha), we waited for the bus to come. It was carrying the rest of our students and leaders.

After the bus pulled over, all the boys got off and eventually got the truck out. Thank goodness!

It was crazy, but lots of fun. And a Mexico memory I'll never forget :)

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