Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cake Pop Tutorial

Most of you know that I've been really into making Cake Pops lately :) They have been so fun, because the baking is mostly the same, you just get to have fun decorating them in different ways! My most recent adventure was making Cake Pop Easter Eggs. So the tutorial is how to make those, but if you want to make another kind, follow the baking instructions and then shape/decorate them however you like!

So first things first, you have to bake the cake. I often use a cake mix from the store, because the texture almost always comes out better (and it's super easy and quick!). Bake the cake according to the box instructions. Let it cool. This is very important, because if the cake is still warm, it will not crumble properly. I usually like to bake the cake the day before and then let it sit overnight.

Cut the cake into 4 equal sections. Take one section at a time, breaking it in half and rub the two pieces together. This will give you a nice crumble. Crumble the entire cake into a mixing bowl.

Then add your choice of frosting. For these cake pops I chose dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting (Hm... I may be obsessed with dark chocolate). I usually use one 16 oz. frosting can per cake mix.

Mix small amounts at a time and test it. *Yes, taste it :)* You need enough frosting to hold all the cake together. Add the frosting until you like the texture and it tastes balanced. It will look something like this...

Next start to form your cake balls. I usually make the balls about the size of a golf ball... but amounts will differ depending on the shapes you are making. Since I was forming eggs, I did use a little more cake in order to get the right shape.

Form all of your balls and stick them in the freezer for about 15 minutes. If you can't dip them right away, let them chill in the refrigerator.

While your cake balls are chilling, melt your chocolate dipping candy. I like to use Candy Melts, because they are made for dipping and they come in all sorts of fun colors! Follow the melting directions on the bag. I usually use 2 bags of candy melts per cake. When your cake balls are firm (not frozen), take them out a couple at a time.

Dip your lollipop tip into the melted chocolate (about a 1/2 an inch) and insert it into your cake ball. Make sure not to push the stick more than half way into the ball.

Then dip your cake pop into the chocolate and gently tap the lollipop stick against your hand in order to get rid of excess chocolate. Place your pop in a styrofoam block to dry and repeat until all of your pops are dipped!

After the candy coating dries use a paint brush and some Corn Syrup to paint lines, swirls, anything on your candy egg and immediately apply sprinkles. And decorate your eggs to your heart's content :)


Have at it! And let me know how yours come out!


Yileyi said...

SO FUN!!!! I totally need to try this!!! :-D

Charlotte said...

I keep forgetting to tell you how much I LOVED this little morsel!! Thank you soooo much for sharing, and now to have the instructions is AWESOME (not that I'll make them any time soon, but hey.... w/ the grandkids??!!). Thank you!

Kami said...

I have made these several times...love e corn syrup idea...this will let me make them more tailored to the occasion. Cute!