Saturday, July 5, 2008


I have finally made it back to one of my favorite cities: Vienna, Austria :)

This trip has been quite the roller coaster so far. Amazing and exhausting emotionally and physically. Thursday in Paris was a bad day... lots happened, but let's just say I ended up walking around Notre Dame by myself. We'll just leave it at that - things have been better since. Tiff and I have been finding our way around the city pretty well... haven't gotten on the wrong bus, metro, or plane yet!

Since I last posted something, we left Paris and flew to Milan, Italy... not my favorite place in the world. To be perfectly honest, it was dirty, confusing, and smelled like sweat and cigarette smoke. I am much happier to be in Vienna again. We did see an amazing cathedral in the middle of the city, though. And the shopping was pretty good - a lot of designers, too expensive for me, but still fun. Oh and a really nice looking Italian boy asked me to marry him yesterday... he came up to me with birds seeds in his hand, transferred them to my hand, whistled and half a dozen dirty birds came to perch on my hands. After finding out that I was not married, he popped the question... very romantic (please sense the sarcasm).

OH and I purchased my first pair of Italian shoes... don't worry, I didn't trade Tiff's plane ticket for them :) To my surprise, it was difficult to find heels in Milan so I bought some cute white flats. But to anyone who's been to Europe, you know flats are a must. Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Aww CBS! I'm glad you're having fun and that you get to be back in Vienna. It sounds lovely! About this Italian guy, tell him he has to go through me first, birds or no birds! =o) Hehe, I'd love to hear more... why alone? Everything okay? If you get more time to write, feel free to shoot me an email.

Everything is going well here. I am so happy being with Daniel. We really haven't gone out much because he has to work so I find myself in the house most of the day, reading and hanging out. It'll be better when he finishes up with his contract and then we can travel and spend more time together. Well, I should go but I hope you know how much I love you and miss you! Take care CBS! And please, be careful with the S part =o)

Minette said...

Tamara, so glad to hear you guys having fun. Can't wait to hear what happened to your lonely Notre Dame visit... I was betting that you two couldn't survive the whole trip without arguing... but that's what sisters do right? Can't wait to see u guys in Aug.