Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fueled and Aflame

"Don't burn out; keep yourself fueled and aflame." - Romans 12:12 (MSG)

I need to be reminded of this. As a person who works in ministry or multiple ministries, there's often a concern of getting "burnt out." And it's a dangerous thing. But the key is staying fueled and flamed.

Simple idea. Hard to carry out.

For so many of us, the issue is not cutting out bad things for good. It is cutting out good for best. And not saying certain ministries are better than others- more that we have to be involved where the Lord has called us and apply ourselves... instead of piddling ourselves in a bunch of different areas.

For me, I think of this verse in terms of leading worship. It would apply to all ministries, but as I lead people into the presence of God, one of the most important things I can do to prepare is getting fueled and fed myself. It's easy to keep pouring out, pouring out until we are completely empty. But if we are able to pour out from an overflow of what God's doing, we will never run dry. I know as a worship leader, you can't take someone where you've never been. So if I haven't been in God's presence, in his word, and in real relationship with him, I'm not going to be able to lead people effectively. And I have come to cherish those times every evening when I slow down, dig deep and get swept away in God's sweet presence. I hope you all will do the same sometime today.

I guess this post is really me speaking to myself. But hopefully it will be of encouragement to someone else as well :)

This afternoon I'm attending the annual AG Village Christmas concert that happens every year the weekend after Thanksgiving. I'm not in it this year, but it's become a tradition and great way to start off the holiday season! My parents are in it and I'm sure it'll be full of Christmas cheer :)

'Til next time...

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