Sunday, February 12, 2012

Santa Barbara Saturday

Last Saturday I took the 1.5 hour drive to Santa Barbara to meet up with my friend Dana :) She lives in Pasadena so SB was our half way point. We had the most relaxing day and fortunately for us it was a beyond beautiful day on the coast...

For some reason I came up with the bright idea to meet at the Starbucks on State St. But little did I know there were 3 Starbucks' on the same street. (Smart, Tamara). After a few confused and comical phone calls we found each other and proceeded to take a walk down to the beach. We walked the length of the pier and had a grand view of the expanse of water sprinkled with sailors, fishermen and paddle surfers. We sat at the edge of the pier and soaked up the sun and its wonderful warmth.

We had lunch at a nice restaurant on the pier that had a great view. Yummy food and good company.

After lunch we walked along the water and again sat down to enjoy the view and sun.

We then walked along State Street, did some shopping, and stopped for frozen yogurt.

(And Dana may or may not have tried to take a nap in World Market...)

We ended the night with a relaxed dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and what girls outing is complete without cocktails and laughter? :)

Day trips are a blessing... and so are good friends.

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