Friday, December 11, 2009

Wedding Mania

So for the last month or so, my life has consisted of two things:

1) School


Crazy, right? ... since I'm not even getting married! Haha It's been interesting. Within 24 hours my big sister and my close friend from school both got engaged. So all of a sudden I am constantly on the phone with my sister talking about wedding plans, photographers, bridesmaid dresses... and the list goes on and on. (I'm the Maid of Honor, by the way!) And then I go to meals in between classes with my friend Natalie, who is also planning her wedding. Here comes flowers, family, invitations, etc. etc.

I know so many couples who are engaged that I had to start a list... yes, I seriously have a sticky note on my laptop that has the names of all the couples I know getting married. It's impossible to keep track otherwise, believe me! It's kind of ridiculous... the list only consists of 10 couples at the moment, but it was up to 13 this last summer. And as summer gets closer, the list will grow!

So why am I telling you all this? I guess because it's been a fun, exhausting, interesting ride so far... and I just wanted to keep you all in the loop :)

I'm so happy for Tiff and Mike! They're getting married on May 22nd and I'll finally have a brother!! :)

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