Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My new apartment...

Since most of you won't be coming to visit me at my new apartment, here is a little tour of my new place!  :)  1. my bedroom   2. my bed and desk  3. living room and one of my roommates, Amy  4. living room  5. kitchen/dining area
4. 5.

And my favorite part... we have 3 closets! (2 of them are walk-ins)  Can you guess which sections are mine?  If you can't tell, you don't know me at all!  ;)
Yes the 2nd two pics are mine... my roommate and I have some differences when it comes to clothes :)

P.S. Click on the pics to magnify them... and now you've seen my place!!  :)


Linda Z said...

Wow, girl!! If I ever need some shoes, I know just where to go!!! That is an amazing sight!! :)

joannanoel said...

I've been there!!! I love you girl and you are in my prayers. I'm so thankful for you and our friendship!