Saturday, June 14, 2008

This life changes so quickly

For what feels like the first time in my life, I'm the one packing my bags and saying farewell to the life that I am so accustomed to.  I registered for my fall classes at California Baptist University last week.  It was an interesting day... sitting through countless administrators talk about orientation, living on campus, financial aid, registering for classes, etc.  It all seems like a blur now.  The one part of my day that is quite clear was the moment of panic when an academic counselor told me I probably wouldn't be able to graduate in 2 years - ultimately killing my dream of attending CBU at all.  Then followed an hour of waiting to hear if the music department would waive theory requirements so I could sign up for music history.  I was sitting in the computer lab asking God, "Do you not want me to go to CBU?"  In the end, I got my answer.  Running into the Associate Dean of the Music Department sure helped.  He made a call and got my schedule straightened out... deep breath.  Long day.  Now comes the panic of packing my bags and embarking on the new journey God has set in front of me.  I guess it's not so much panic as excitement and nervousness of leaving people that I love dearly and stepping into a whole new world.  Ultimately, I know that this is where God has called me and I'm looking forward to the future He has planned for me.  

But before the big move comes summer!  I'll be heading to Europe with my sister in a couple weeks (June 29th - July 14th) and then to Mammoth with my family (July 14th - July 19th).  I will hopefully make a couple posts while overseas to keep you all somewhat in the loop.  So check in every once in awhile :)  France, Austria, Italy... here I come!

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K.Bergh said...

Hi, Tamara:

Your blog post came up on my "Google alert" today, which I monitor regularly as Director of Strategic Marketing for CBU.
Just wanted to say, glad you are coming to CBU and that the next part of your journey brings you to our little community here. I think you will find a "new home," and in a couple of weeks, you will wonder how it ever felt "strange" at all!


Karen Bergh
(I also adjunct teach the Intro. to Journalism class...your writing is nice...keep up the good work!)