Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where You Go I Go

Had to share this video. I love this song "Where You Go I Go." Kim Walker/Jesus Culture have become one of my new favorite worship bands. Their music is so authentic and genuine. It's inspiring. And they effectively lead people into God's presence - which is what we're created for, isn't it? I have this song on repeat often. I love journaling with song lyrics because it's great having something that is already written that expresses things I could not easily express.  And writing the words down helps me to process and internalize them. It's fun looking back on song lyrics I've copied down and noticing the lines that I underlined. It reminds me of what I was thinking/feeling when I wrote that entry. Enjoy :)

Where you go I go
What you say I say

What you pray I pray

Jesus only did, What he saw you do
He would only say, What he heard you speak
He would only move, When he felt you lead
Following your heart, Following your spirit

How could I expect to walk without you
When every move that Jesus made was in surrender
I will not begin to live without you
For you alone are worthy you are always good

You are always good
You are always good
Always good
Always good

Though the world seems to forget
We will not forget
Who you are and what you've done for us

You are my God

Blogging, I've missed you :)

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