Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Performers and Competition

It's weird. Sometimes I feel like I picked the wrong profession. Don't get me wrong - I love music. I can't help but want to sing all the time. (Seriously... all the time. It's probably annoying). But being in music means being around musicians (or those aspiring to be in the music business) all the time.

I have to tell you. I love performing. I would be holding a microphone, standing on a stage all the time if I could. But sometimes I really dislike performers. It's more the arrogance and pride that bothers me. This is not to say that all performers are arrogant and prideful. But so many times in my life I've been paired with other artists to put some sort of show on and there is this weird vibe between us because the other person feels like we're in competition. Whether they think they're a better singer, choreographer, teacher, organizer, whatever. And I'm not saying they are not better - but when you are teamed up, you are working towards the same goal - putting on a great show!

SO. Where was I going with this? I feel like there are so many amazing performers out there. We don't need to compete with everyone we meet in this business. I don't care if you can sing a High C. So can I. If you are a great singer, I will respect you for it. Let your skill win me over, not your talking yourself up (because that won't win my respect). Let's just be encouraged and inspired by great performers! Don't knock other people down and compare yourself to them. Learn from them and get excited about getting better yourself!

Okay, my rant is over. :)

If you want to hear some great music and see some awesome performances, check these videos out. I've been totally obsessed with watching the old Kennedy Center Honors tributes on youtube lately. The links are below. Enjoy! And be inspired!

A tribute to Jerry Herman

A tribute to Barbara Cook

And if you need a good laugh, no one can compare to the comedy of Victor Borge :)


Happy Tuesday!


Linda Z said...

I have felt that vibe before... it's yucky. Very yucky. Especially in a worship music situation... so very ironic, when God and leading others into His presence needs to be the focus. I love competing at games, but not at music, cause there's no winning and losing in music.

It's a true blessing when God gives you a collaboration of musicians that truly loves and encourages each other, isn't it? Keep praying for it! I suppose that competition goes on a lot in other industries, too, but I think artistic people feel it more deeply.

Tamara said...

I think you're right. Thankfully I haven't been feeling that vibe in worship settings lately.

But there is nothing you can compare to singing with a bunch of people who want to just sing because they are passionate and love it, rather than to impress someone.