Saturday, March 26, 2011


One of my favorite movies these days is "Despicable Me." One of the little orphan girls in the flick is obsessed with unicorns. She even sings this little song that she made up about how much she loves unicorns... Uni uni unicorns, I looooove them... And of course the famous "It's so fluffly!" line!

So since this movie came out, I have found a renewed love of unicorns :) I came across this new craft blog today, which had coincidentally just featured a unicorn themed birthday party! If only I had seen this earlier! :)

Can you tell what those cutely decorated little pink/blue/white hats are??

Unicorn horns!! So adorable!

The whole color pallet of this party is amazing. Click here to see the whole birthday post! Soooo adorable. I hope I get to throw someone a party like this someday!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tamara!! This is sooooo cute :) my friends ad I are into unicorns right now and I know they would love this party!!!! Love ya! Morgan