Monday, August 23, 2010

Whoa whoa whoa

Okay, so I just watched an episode of this new show called "The Spin Crowd" on E! Ummm... it is ridiculous beyond belief. And the funny thing is that it kind of reminded me of this school I used to go to haha... This show is about this PR celebrity marketing group. The episode introduced the boss, Jonathon Chabon, and his crew of 4 ladies and 1 man who work in his office. Basically, there is a new girl named Erika, who just moved from San Diego to Hollywood. First thing, Jonathon humiliates Erika by having all the other girls in the room stand up and show how she "should" be dressing (dresses, high heals, hair and make up done). Then he pulls her aside and says she looks "homely" and tells her she needs to have her lips done (yep, shoot em up with collagen!) Erika endures a tear filled appointment and decides not to go through with the permanent lip injections. She later says in her interview that she doesn't think the size of her lips should determine her place on the team.

And there is your recap for the first episode for The Spin Crowd. A couple other things happen, but seriously!

There's 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Dressing professionally is one thing... but how will having larger lips help your client market their new tanning lotion to Mario Lopez? And how will curly hair and overdone make up bring people to know Christ? When you put it that way, doesn't it just seem a tad bit ridiculous?

Just a couple late night thoughts... :)

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