Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas break...

A lot has happened since I last posted something... finals, Laurel's wedding, Christmas travels, being at home...

So first off - my first semester at CBU is over and it was an interesting one.  It has been very difficult (in ways I did not expect) but I do not regret transferring because I know that this is where God has led me.  He has stretched me through this experience and will continue to do so as I have only 3 semesters to go.  It's weird to think that I am already 1/4 of the way through my CBU career!  Just a reminder that I need to work really hard.  But I was very happy with my grades at the end of the semester :)  *The above picture is from a Christmas dinner we did with some of the girls in our apartment building before going home for the holiday.

Laurel and Daniel got married (again hehe) on December 20th and I was honored enough to celebrate it with them!  Laurel looked absolutely beautiful and was so happy!  

After Laurel and Daniel's wedding, I returned home for Christmas with my family.  We traveled to Indio, Pasadena, and Valencia this year to visit different parts of our family.  It was a great time to just relax and catch up with everyone.

After Christmas, I was able to be at home for a week before heading back to school.  My schedule was pretty much booked solid for the whole week, but I got to spend time with lots of people.  Everyone at home is so wonderful that it makes it very difficult going back to school!  But I think this semester will fly by and then I'll be home for summer :)
*Some of my former high school students/choir members (Leanne, me, Augusta, Lynne) - I love those girls so much!

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