Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I've been contemplating a lot of things lately... being here does that to me... things are different than I thought they'd be.  

Too much focus is put on things that are unimportant.  All of my energy seems to go into not getting caught up in pointless drama, being in a relationship, getting married, competition, cliques, and the way you look (hair, makeup, clothes).  When I'm worshipping God, does he really care if my hair is curled?  Why does the shade of my lipstick matter more than the condition of my heart?  Simple answer? It doesn't.  I have had to make strong decisions on who/what I'm going to focus on.  I can walk toward idols and superficial things, or I can follow Jesus, my Savior.  Even though, I'm struck by this opposition every day, there are a few things I'm sure of...

I want to know God.
I want to know who I am in him.

I want to see things the way God intended me to see them,
not the way other people try to portray them.

I want to trust him with my life.
and know that he has an amazing journey set out for me.

I want to laugh often,
dance freely,
and hug longer.

I want him to be my best friend,
my all,
my everything.

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Debra said...

Yes, AMEN! You put that perfectly...